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  • This role is crucial to the success of the Centre, and involves being responsible for ensuring that the Centre is responsive to stakeholders' needs and constraints and that potential users are aware of the work being done within the Centre.
  • This Fellowship will support the work of CECAN in evaluating the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) and will address the idea that the development and conservation policies associated with such programmes must take into account a wide range of stakeholders’ values and concerns if they are to be successful.
  • The project explores (i) how resilience evolves in the context of these shocks, (ii) how policy/decision-makers deal with uncertainty and make firm decisions based on uncertain science in this context, (iii) how decision-making is shaped and affected by evidence drawn from particular disciplinary perspectives.
  • As part of its aim to develop and spread innovative methods of policy evaluation, CECAN has established a Fellowship scheme for those who wish to participate and contribute to its work. The scheme will enable academics, evaluators, policymakers and evidence analysts to spend time within CECAN’s research teams.  

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