Jayne Cox

Fellow: Jayne Cox
Mentors: Peter Barbrook-Johnson, Ian Christie, Ben Fagan-Watson, Emma Uprichard                      
This fellowship responds to a CECAN call for proposals to investigate the factors that contribute to, or inhibit, the adoption of new evaluation approaches and methods in Nexus fields. It will build on previous CECAN fellowships that reviewed past evaluations of complex programmes and policies and developed suggestions on ways to improve evaluation design, delivery and its use in the policy cycle. This new fellowship will focus specifically on the evaluation commissioning process and its influence on the selection of approaches and methods.

Jayne is a co-founder and Director of the sustainability and behaviours research company Brook Lyndhurst. Most of her research is commissioned by UK and devolved governments and their partners, often to support the development of complex interventions in nexus fields, as well as for evaluation. A notable example is the long-running Love Food Hate Waste initiative from the UK’s Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP). Jayne has also led a wide range of evaluations of environmental behaviour change programmes in the UK, especially of programmes funded by government and delivered by community-based organisations. Examples include the Scottish Climate Challenge Fund, Defra’s Inspiring Sustainable Living Fund and the Welsh Government’s Cynefin change programme. Before setting up Brook Lyndhurst Jayne was an investment analyst for 10 years in the commercial property sector.

Jayne Cox CECAN Fellow

CECAN Fellow