Anna Kaxira

Anna is a PhD Researcher at the Policy Studies Institute (PSI). She holds a BSc in International and European Studies from the University of Macedonia (Greece) and an MPhil in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). She is a mixed methods Researcher and conducted evaluation and impact assessments for the European Commission, UK Government and charitable trusts.

Anna has worked in the business, the not-for profit (NatCen Social Research) and in the supranational sector (European Commission, UNESCO and CEDEFOP) across a range of public policy projects, which include social, economic and environmental policy themes. Her research interests are policy evaluation, green economy, green skills, climate change, renewable energy and resource efficiency.

Her research project explores how complexity could be evaluated in the low carbon transition system from a policy perspective, while taking into consideration the synergies and trade-offs of the nexus.

Phd Researcher (Policy Studies Institute)