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Bazil Sansom

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (University of Warwick)

I am an economist and policy analyst. My current research is focussed on developing new insights and policy directions based on the study of economic systems as complex systems. I take an interdisciplinary approach to my work collaborating with and drawing on other (natural and social) sciences. Previously as an economic advisor I have led policy evaluation work for government on local public services, finance, and on housing, as well as strategic research, business planning and change management. I also previously worked as a financial analyst in international commercial banking. My research interests include dynamics in complex networks, nonlinear dynamical systems, nonstationary time series analysis, and time-frequency and multi-scale methods and systems. Other areas of expertise and interest include behavioural and experimental economics and their application for policy design and evaluation. For CECAN I am developing network-theory based tools for the informative visualisation of complex interdependencies and flows of influence in complex systems, to help make sense of the complexity captured by participatory systems mapping.

Latest News

CECAN Special Issue of the Journal ‘Evaluation’: Policy Evaluation for a Complex World

CECAN Special Issue of the Journal ‘Evaluation’: Policy Evaluation for a Complex World

CECAN recently guest edited a special issue of the leading evaluation journal ‘Evaluation’. The issue, written by members of CECAN and some of its collaborators, aims to bring together a set of ideas and methods for handling complexity in evaluation based on extensive practical experience in addressing these issues, from a research perspective, in UK central government evaluation.

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