Liz Varga

Liz Varga is Professor of Complex Infrastructure Systems and has been Director of the Complex Systems Research Centre since 2009. 

She leads a variety of research projects using tools from complexity science to understand, explain and plan for interventions into these systems. She has over 80 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, conference papers and practitioner reports. She won the Cranfield University Research Award (2014).

Varga has expertise in trans-disciplinary research projects across integrated infrastructure systems: energy, transport, water and waste and telecommunications, and has delivered key insights from over 15 large research projects. Interdependencies between these systems and their sub-systems have consequences for the ways in which critical services are consumed. Improving decision making toward sustainable consumption is essential for society, the environment and also the infrastructure systems themselves.

Varga’s skills are in creating abstractions of real-world systems, recognizing emergent phenomena and co-evolutionary effects. Varga uses mixed methods approaches to lead the design of computational agent-based models which represent the dynamics of inter-connected systems. She has experience of system transitions, modeling the effects of policy, technology and innovation under different future scenarios, and analysing computational outputs. Research started in academic year 2015/16 includes: CryoHub, CECAN, ENCORE, and Stepping Up.

Professor of Complex Infrastructure Systems (Cranfield University)