CECAN 1 Day Workshop: Enhancing Evaluation Impact in Complexity Settings

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CECAN Workshop - Enhancing Evaluation Impact in Complexity Settings

5th September 2017 - Newcastle University London.

CECAN’s role is to help improve the effectiveness of evaluation in nexus settings. As well as exploring methodological innovations we need to understand the policy uptake and impact of evaluation. The use and influence of evaluation is inherently complex and contingent. This workshop will explore when and why do evaluations have impact and how can evaluation practice become more impactful in future.

Workshop aims:

1)      To share recent experience on successful evaluation impact in complex nexus policy areas

2)      To share expertise in maximising the impact of evaluation in these policy settings

3)      To generate practical recommendations for policymakers, analysts and evaluators

4)      To generate ideas for focussing future R&D in this area

5)      To produce a policy note on how evaluation practice can become more impactful in future

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