"Improving Environmental Evidence: Barriers and Facilitators of Evaluation Capacity at the US Environmental Protection Agency"

CECAN Webinar

Date: January 9th 1pm-2pm UK time including Q&A.

Speaker: Dr Nick Hart, George Washington University

Title: Improving Environmental Evidence:  Barriers and Facilitators of Evaluation Capacity at the USEPA

Seminar Details:

In this webinar, Nick will discuss recent research on policy evaluation and the use of environmental evidence within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

Since the inception of the USEPA, considerable emphasis has been placed on the use of policy analysis tools that aim to prospectively inform environmental policy decisions, including cost-benefit analysis and risk assessment used for regulatory actions.  However, compared to the amount of such ex ante analysis conducted at the USEPA before a decision is reached, relatively little evaluation of these same environmental policies is produced after implementation to inform future policy development or to modify existing policies. 

This original research applies accountability theory and organizational learning literature in order to identify and explain unique institutional factors that affect USEPA evaluation supply to inform future efforts. 

Through a series of mixed methods case studies, this research seeks to inform efforts aimed at improving the quality of environmental evidence within the USEPA—through evaluation and systematic reviews—in order to better inform decision-making and achieve desired environmental outcomes.

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