CECAN Case Study with the Environment Agency: Enforcement on Waste Crime


CECAN Case Study: Enforcement on Waste Crime - Environment Agency

Scrum Master: Amy Proctor, Newcastle University

CECAN team members have been providing expert advice and guidance to members of the Environment Agency’s Evidence, Assessment and Evaluation team as they seek to understand the effectiveness of their waste crime enforcement activity and develop their evaluation in this area.

A scoping workshop held in November 2016 between the EA and CECAN evaluation practitioners Helen Wilkinson and Dione Hills highlighted QCA as one approach which could enable the EA to carry out a systematic assessment of the effectiveness of their interventions across a range of cases to understand critical success factors.

This led to a second workshop in April 2017 between the EA and CECAN experts in QCA David Byrne and Barbara Befani to develop an evaluation framework and practical methodology using QCA.

The EA are now beginning to collect data to feed into a QCA based approach to evaluation, with David and Barbara advising on their outline methodology and providing ‘guiding hands’ at the analytical stage.