CECAN Webinar - COMPLEX-IT: User-friendly computational modelling software for exploring complex policy data



On 18th June 2020, Professor Brian Castellani (Sociology, Durham), Dr Corey Schimpf (Learning Analytics Scientist, Concord Consortium) and Dr Pete Barbrook-Johnson (Senior Research Fellow, Surrey), hosted our CECAN Webinar: 'COMPLEX-IT: User-friendly computational modelling software for exploring complex policy data'. 


Using recent COVID-19 data from Public Health England, the webinar provided an introduction to the value of COMPLEX-IT (and its tutorial supported website) for modelling complex policy data. COMPLEX-IT is a case-based, mixed-methods platform for social inquiry into complex data/systems, designed to increase non-expert access to the tools of computational social science (i.e., cluster analysis, artificial intelligence, data visualization, data forecasting, and scenario simulation). In particular, COMPLEX-IT aids social inquiry though a heavy emphasis on learning about the complex data/system under study, which it does by (a) identifying and forecasting major and minor clusters/trends; (b) visualizing their complex causality; and (c) simulating scenarios for potential interventions. COMPLEX-IT is accessible through the web or can be run locally and is powered by R and the Shiny web framework. For more on the software, click here!


If you were unable to join the webinar, you can watch the session via our YouTube channel below. We are also pleased to be able to share a PDF version of the PowerPoint slides, please click here to view.