Handling Complexity in Policy Evaluation - Magenta Book 2020 Supplementary Guide



The Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (CECAN) has produced supplementary guidance for the 2020 revision of the Magenta Book, published on 1st April. The Magenta Book, published by HM Treasury, is the key UK Government resource on evaluation, setting out central government guidance on how to evaluate policies, projects and programmes.


The Magenta Book 2020 Supplementary Guide: Handling Complexity in Policy Evaluation is based on three years’ research and development of evaluation methods by CECAN. It explains what complexity is, its implications, and how evaluators and policy makers can plan, deliver and use complexity-appropriate evaluation to work with this complexity.


CECAN held an event at Church House, Westminster on 3rd March to introduce the Supplementary Guide to users. The event brought together over 60 policy makers, analysts and commissioners of evaluations, as well as evaluation practitioners including public sector evaluation contractors.


We are pleased to share video recordings, presentation slides and key resources from the launch event with you.


1. Why we need a new edition of the Magenta Book and a Supplementary Guide on Handling Complexity in Policy Evaluation

Steven Finch, Head of Evaluation, Department for Transport


2. An Introduction to the Magenta Book Supplementary Guide

Martha Bicket, Alex Penn and Ian Christie, CECAN


3. Commissioning and Management of Complex Evaluation

Dione Hills, The Tavistock Institute


4. Selecting Complexity-Appropriate Evaluation Approaches

Helen Wilkinson, Risk Solutions


Download the Magenta Book 2020 Supplementary Guide: Handling Complexity in Policy Evaluation here.

CECAN MB-A Event Photos