CECAN Posters

1. Complex Policy Interlinkages Between Anaerobic Digestion and Food Waste in the UK (Anna Kaxira)

Anna Kaxira

2. Case Study of the Marine Pioneer (Betheney Wills)                                          

Betheney Wills

3. Case Based Methods and Agent Based Modelling (Brian Castellani)

Brian Castellani

4. The Pluralistic Evaluation Framework (Richard Gunton)

Richard Gunton

5. Democratising Complex Evaluation (Thomas Dixon)

Thomas Dixon

6. Trust in Water (Henry Leveson-Gower)                                                

Henry Leveson-Gower

7. The Visual Representation of Complexity (Joanna Boehnert)

Joanna Boehnert

8. The Criticality of Culture in Delivering and Evaluating Public Institutional Approaches to Managing Complexity Across the Nexus: The Case of Natural Resources Wales (Nick Kirsop-Taylor)

Nick Kirsop-Taylor