Models as ‘interested amateurs’

Complexity in business


From '' 24th January 2017

Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Research Fellow at the Policy Studies Institute at the University of Westminster & Knowledge Integrator Research Fellow at the Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (CECAN) at the University of Surrey. 

How can we improve the often poor interaction and lack of genuine discussions between policy makers, experts, and those affected by policy?

Taking The Temperature of Trust - Henry Leveson Gower

temperature of trust


Henry Leveson-Gower shares emerging findings of in-depth interviews he has conducted as part of his ongoing research project on trust in water.

It is over two years since Ofwat set increasing trust in water as its key objective for its 2015 five year business plan.To establish what has happened since, I interviewed 19 senior and influential figures across all parts of the water sector. I am seeking wider perspectives via a survey (click HERE to participate) and hope this article will stimulate you to take part.

One Researcher’s Anecdote is Another Researcher’s Data


Frances Rowe, Newcastle University

A couple of days ago, a DEFRA policy official told me that the uncertainty over EU exit was creating a fertile environment for evaluation, as champions try to ensure their favoured policies have a place in the forthcoming landscape, post Brexit. This struck me as interesting, and I made a note of it. While some may call this anecdote, for a qualitative researcher this is data: incomplete, uncorroborated, yes, but data nonetheless.  It might in a future analysis about evaluation uptake prove to be gold dust, an insight that unlocks others, a necessary factor in assessing evaluation effectiveness. Who knows?

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