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CECAN Fellowships

CECAN has established a Fellowship Scheme for those who wish to participate and contribute to its work. The scheme provides opportunities for those from Government and business to forge useful and lasting connections with researchers, and for CECAN’s work to be informed by and linked closely to practical evaluation. 

Applications are welcome from academics, evaluators, policymakers and evidence analysts. Click here to take a look through our existing portfolio of fellowships to understand the kind of work we have supported to date. 

Fellows may benefit from collaboration with CECAN in a number of ways:

  • Opportunity to collaborate with a diverse and multidisciplinary team
  • Access to organisational resources and mentorship from experienced professionals
  • Platform to present research findings and insights to a wider audience
  • Networking opportunities within the academic and professional community



Successful applicants will be allocated up to a total of £1,000 for their and their mentor’s expenses (not salary). The funding is flexible to support activities that are beneficial to both the Fellow and the Centre. 

Examples of projects that CECAN is currently looking to support are included below. However, all proposals related to CECAN’s work will be considered.

  • Helping to develop new evaluation approaches and methods
  • Applying innovative approaches and methods to case studies
  • Developing curricula and teaching materials
  • Contributing to briefing papers and academic articles
  • Contributing to seminars and workshops


Fellowship format:

  • Fellows and their mentors will be entitled to claim travel and subsistence expenses from CECAN to a total of £1000
  • Applicants will not be awarded more than one Fellowship
  • Fellows will be expected to provide an End of Fellowship report on their activities
  • Publication and open access costs will not be funded under the Fellowship scheme


Who should apply?

The Fellowship scheme is primarily intended for those who are engaged in or advise on policy evaluation in complex, especially nexus domains. This includes policy analysts in government, academics from a wide range of social and environmental disciplines, policy makers from central and local government, evaluation consultants and contractors, and members of NGOs and businesses involved in evaluation.

International applications are welcomed. However, it should be noted that there may be exclusion of some countries/regions due to restrictions around the movement of funds. There may also be additional steps in the administration of funds and small discrepancies in the reimbursement of expenses due to differing currency exchange rates.


How to apply:

Interested applicants should send an expression of interest to cecan@surrey.ac.uk; outlining who they are and a brief overview of their fellowship proposal. CECAN will then consider whether a suitable mentor is available, before inviting a formal application. 

Applications are considered at CECAN Executive Group meetings, held every two months, and applicants will be informed of the outcome shortly after. 



When assessing applications, the CECAN Executive Group will consider the following:

  •  The Fellowship addresses ‘nexus’, ‘policy evaluation’ & ‘complexity’ areas relevant to CECAN
  • The Fellowship enhances the Fellow’s own skills and experience
  • The Fellowship has a programme of work with specific outputs that is timely, feasible, and capable of completion within the period of the Fellowship
  • The Fellow makes an identifiable contribution to the work of the Centre
  • The Fellow brings expertise to the Centre to which  it would not otherwise have access
  • The Fellow’s request for financial support is commensurate with the duration of the Fellowship and the activities planned


For enquiries, please contact cecan@surrey.ac.uk 


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