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Realising that the world does not revolve around the South East of England, CECAN aims to reach national and international audiences, by filming and sharing its various activities online.

CECAN Webinar: Embracing complexity: Using systems thinking to improve responses to child criminal exploitation

CECAN Conference 2024 – Keynote: Siobhan Campbell

CECAN Conference 2024 – Keynote: Paul Simmonds

CECAN Webinar: Navigating System Change Evaluation – reflections on how to know you are making progress in shifting systems

CECAN Webinar: Integrating Health, Wellbeing, Nature and Sustainability (HWNS) into local, strategic planning: learning from the co-development of a practical systems approach to place-making

CECAN Webinar: From the Individual to the Collective – Narrative and Participatory Approaches to Evaluating Complex Human Systems

CECAN Webinar: SIPHER’s Synthetic Population – An Introduction

CECAN Webinar: Demystifying system thinking from within Defra – Reflections from case studies

CECAN Webinar: Setting Boundaries in Evaluation; The role of Critical Systems Heuristics

CECAN Webinar: New Economic Models of the Energy Transition

CECAN Webinar: Reflecting and Learning: Using Contribution Analysis

CECAN Webinar: Cynefin – Navigating Uncertainty

BOOK LAUNCH: Systems Mapping: how to build and use causal models of systems by Pete Barbrook-Johnson and Alexandra Penn

CECAN Webinar: An update of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Framework for Developing and Evaluating Complex Interventions

CECAN Webinar: Inequality in a Context of Climate Crisis After COVID – the Role of Applied Social Science

CECAN Webinar: Evaluating government spending: Findings and recommendations from the latest National Audit Office report

CECAN Webinar: Redefining Evaluation to Support System Change

CECAN Webinar: The Practice of Blue Marble Evaluation

CECAN Webinar: Developing Systems Approaches in the Water Sector

CECAN Webinar: Case-Based Modelling and Scenario Simulation for Ex-Post Evaluation

CECAN Webinar: Systems Approaches to Water Management and Infrastructure Planning for Zero-Pollution Targets

CECAN Webinar: Diagnostic Evaluation with Simulated Probabilities

CECAN Webinar: Participatory Systems Mapping for Policy Evaluation

CECAN Webinar: The difference between Adrenaline and Core Strength – Investing in Resilience

CECAN Webinar: A Systems Approach to Environmental Policy in Defra

CECAN Webinar: Capturing Social Dynamics for Evaluation: Trajectory-Based Qualitative Comparative Analysis

CECAN Webinar: Trophic Analysis of Directed Networks

CECAN Webinar: How can System Dynamics support policy evaluation?

CECAN Webinar: COMPLEX-IT User-Friendly Computational Modelling Software for Exploring Complex Policy Data

CECAN Webinar: Handling Complexity in Policy Evaluation – The Magenta Book 2020 Supplementary Guide

CECAN Workshop: Introducing the Magenta Book 2020 Supplementary Guide on Complexity – Part 4: Helen Wilkinson

CECAN Workshop: Introducing the Magenta Book 2020 Supplementary Guide on Complexity – Part 3: Dione Hills

CECAN Workshop: Introducing the Magenta Book 2020 Supplementary Guide on Complexity – Part 2: Martha Bicket, Alex Penn and Ian Christie

CECAN Workshop: Introducing the Magenta Book 2020 Supplementary Guide on Complexity – Part 1: Steven Finch

CECAN Webinar: Mapping the Cognitive Landscape of Productivity in Northern Ireland: A Systems Approach to Understanding Productivity Policy

CECAN Webinar: Demi-Regs and the Characteristics of Realist Evaluation

CECAN Webinar: The Human, Learning, Systems Approach to Managing in Complexity

CECAN Webinar: Co-Creation of Innovation: Group Concept Mapping

CECAN Webinar: Using the System Effects Methodology to Understand the User Experience of Complex Systems

CECAN Webinar: Citizens’ Juries: How Public Policy should be made?

CECAN Webinar: Theory of Change – Getting the most out of it – Insights from a Practitioner

CECAN Webinar: Risk Analysis at the Food Standards Agency post EU-Exit

CECAN Webinar: How to Evaluate – or Commission an Evaluation – when Everything is Messy

CECAN Webinar: The Pluralistic Evaluation Framework for Policy Evaluation

CECAN Webinar: Developing Microsimulation Models to Generate Evidence to Support Policy Change in Public Health

CECAN Webinar – Evaluation Under Uncertainty

CECAN Seminar: Applying Process Tracing Within a Realist Evaluation

CECAN Seminar: Applying Agent Based Modelling (ABM) to Evaluation

CECAN Webinar: Making Policy and Making Policy Work with Developmental Evaluation

CECAN Seminar: The Spectrum of Overwhelming Systems

CECAN Webinar: Evaluating Policy for Food Security – Before and After Implementation.

CECAN Seminar: How Evaluation in the SDG Era can Mislead, and what to do about it.

CECAN Webinar: Complexity Theory and “Invisible Mechanisms”

CECAN Seminar: Evaluation in Follow-Up and Review Processes of the SDGs: Future Vision and Current Practice

CECAN Seminar: Can We Have Our Cake and Eat It Post-Brexit? Effective Regulation Without Redtape?

CECAN Seminar: Evaluating Sustainability – is it Possible? A Case for Focusing on Evaluating Decision-Making for Sustainable Development

CECAN Seminar: Understanding Health Policy in the Third Era through a Complex Systems Lens

CECAN Webinar: Dosage, Timelines and other Considerations for Conducting a Realist Evaluation

CECAN Seminar: Dependency Modelling

CECAN Webinar: The “Context+Mechanism” Association: Mastering a Key Heuristic in Realist Evaluation for Innovating Complex Programmes and Policy

CECAN Seminar: Learning Lessons from Practical Policy Evaluation

CECAN Seminar: Theory of Change and How to Design One

CECAN Seminar: Supporting Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty

CECAN Webinar: Realist Methodology for Complexity Mindful Evaluations in the Nexus Sectors

CECAN Seminar: Dynamic Pattern Synthesis

CECAN Seminar: Addressing Complexity in Nexus Issues: A Case-Based Approach to Evaluation Research 

CECAN Seminar: What Works at the Nexus?

CECAN Seminar: Complexity, Power and Evidence in the UK Healthcare Sector: A Case Study of E-Health Research

CECAN Showcase: Official Launch Event 2016

CECAN Seminar: Evaluating Policy Scenarios with Micro-Simulation

Animation: What is CECAN? (with subtitles)

Animation: What is CECAN?

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