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CECAN Fellow: Nick Kirsop-Taylor

CECAN Fellowship: Evaluative Methodologies for the Transition Towards an Institutional Ecosystem Approach ‘System-Cultures’ within Natural Resources Wales and CECAN

Mentors: Karen Scott, Adam Hejnowicz

Nick Kirsop-Taylor is a political ecologist working in the Centre for Rural Policy Research at the University of Exeter.  Nick’s research is concerned with many different aspects of the interface between policy, politics, organisations, and environmental issues.  His primary research agenda focuses on how frameworks for integrated natural resource management are integrated (in policy and legislation) and operationalised (in organisations and partnerships); on how ‘larger’ environment-facing organisations respond to policy and political imperatives; and the contemporary policy and political dynamics affecting ‘smaller’ environmental voluntary sector organisations.  Although this primary research agenda takes up much of his time, Nick also has side interests in research surrounding environmental governance, renewable energy policy, and aspects of political theory.  Through his new Fellowship at CECAN Nick will be investigating the methods through which UK natural resource agencies are evaluating their institutional transitions towards systems based approaches to integrated natural resource management.  In particular, Nick will be reflecting on the degree to which institutional cultures influence evaluative methodologies within these agencies, and the degree to which these cultures can be shaped to affect change.

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