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Amy Proctor

Research Associate (Newcastle University)

Amy is an experienced social scientist whose research has focused on agricultural extension and rural expertise. She has particular interests in the role of advisers as knowledge brokers between science, rural policy and land management practitioners and the vernacular expertise of farmers and advisers and how such expertise is developed and exchanged.

Amy is currently assistant coordinator of Landbridge, an ESRC funded knowledge exchange network for rural professionals which aims to provide a platform for interprofessional learning and debate among advisors from across the professions and to provide opportunities for two way exchange with the research community. Prior to this, Amy was lead researcher on the ESRC’s Science in the Field project, which explored the working practices and expertise of field-level advisors.

Amy also has research interests in understanding the nature and impact of knowledge exchange within research and carried out work for the Director’s Office of the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme (Relu) on knowledge exchange and stakeholder engagement and impact.

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The Participatory System Mapper, PRSM

The Participatory System Mapper, PRSM

CECAN has been developing a new app, called PRSM, which runs in a web browser and which helps groups of people collaboratively develop networks or ‘maps’ of policy and other systems online.

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