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Clare Twigger Ross

Technical Director (Collingwood Environmental Planning Ltd)

Clare is a Technical Director at Collingwood Environmental Planning (CEP) and is an environmental psychologist with approximately 20 years’ experience of social research on the environment. She joined CEP in 2002 having previously worked in academia and for the Environment Agency for England and Wales as a social issues officer which involved providing advice on a wide range of topics as well as commissioning social research.

Clare is an advocate for the value of the social sciences within the environmental arena, and has used social research methods and stakeholder engagement to facilitate knowledge brokerage specifically in the area of flood risk management and climate change. She has led a number of projects on the social aspects of flood risk management for the Environment Agency and Defra in the past decade and has a considerable knowledge of policy and practice of flood risk management in the UK. The current direction of her work is on the social impacts of climate change (specifically flooding), community resilience and vulnerability together with a focus on evaluation of environmental policy interventions and dialogue processes.

Clare is an experienced social researcher and facilitator who has expertise in theoretical and practical aspects of participation and engagement processes.

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The Participatory System Mapper, PRSM

The Participatory System Mapper, PRSM

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