Pete Barbrook-Johnson

Pete is a Senior Research Fellow and UKRI Innovation Fellow based at the University of Surrey and hosted by CECAN.

He is working on the appraisal and evaluation of innovative public-private-partnerships. These are partnerships that move beyond much maligned private finance initiatives, and seek to build long lasting multi-partner relationships between the private, public, and third sectors, to deliver Nexus infrastructure and services. The methodological approach and tools he is using, similar to CECAN, are those at the cutting edge of social and complexity science research methods. 

Pete has used a range of research methods in his research including agent-based modelling of social and policy systems, stakeholder causal mapping, and qualitative and quantitative social research methods. His main research interests focus on the interaction between environmental policy, social and behavioural science, and complexity science.

Previously, Pete was one of CECAN's Knowledge Integrators, and a Research Fellow at the Policy Studies Institute (PSI).

Pete is on Twitter - @bapeterj 

Senior Research Fellow and UKRI Innovation Fellow (University of Surrey)