CECAN Workshop: Commissioning Complex Evaluations

Commissioning Complex Evaluations


On 29th April 2019, the Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (CECAN) hosted the Commissioning Complex Evaluations workshop at Prince Philip House, London. 


The event brought together policy analysts from government departments who have to commission the evaluation of complex policies and contractors who have experience of bidding against Invitations to Tender for policy evaluation. Attended by 47 delegates, the workshop provided the opportunity to share experience on procuring complexity-appropriate methods and how to overcome some of the rigidities in tender processes; pinpoint barriers to complexity appropriate methods in competitive tendering processes; and develop immediately applicable suggestions and solutions.


We are pleased to be able to share presentations from the workshop, which can be viewed using the links below.


What’s stopping us? Commissioner and contractor perspectives on complexity approaches in evaluation:


The contractors’ perspective: how to make things better: 


Experiences scoring and assessing complex evaluations: