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Call for Abstracts: RGS-IBG Conference 2018 on Geographical Landscapes

Feb 9, 2018 | News

Session Title: Adaptive management and governance of the WEF NexusConvenors: Kirsty Blackstock, James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen; Pete Barbrook-Johnson, University of Surrey, Ian Christie, University of Surrey; Adam Hejnowicz, University of York.

Session Abstract: The concept of the Water-Energy-Food nexus has been in vogue since being identified as part of the ‘perfect storm’ of drivers on society by the UN in 2011. It has become a narrative to try to capture and explain the systemic nature of global wicked problems; and also to provide innovative solution to these wicked problems (Cairns and Krzywoszynska, 2016).For some, it is an invitation to grapple with the persistence of complex socio-ecological challenges and offer a site for transformation in our relationship to the material landscapes. For others, it remains a technical challenge to be resolved through optimisation of resource use in any given landscape. As social scientists, we are interested in how institutions, governance and management lie at the heart of either approach to the nexus in specific places and spaces.This session invites contributions from those involved in Water-Energy-Food nexus research or those trying to manage or govern the nexus in practice, asking them to reflect on the following questions:

  • To what extent can the nexus be managed or governed?
  • To what extent does adopting a nexus perspective improve the governance of social-ecological systems?
  • Has the narrative of the nexus simulated innovative approaches or do the same fundamental governance and management challenges apply?
  • Are there new actors or sites for action emerging from taking a nexus lens?
  • Are new methodologies emerging from taking a nexus lens?
  • What can we learn from other governance and management domains; and what can nexus scholarship offer to others?

The session(s) will consist of speed talks followed by group discussions with the presenters, with a rapid synthesis of key points by the convenors. The overall messages from the session(s) will be published as a collaborative blog and/or CECAN briefing note.

Submitting An Abstract: Please send an abstract (no more than 250 words) to Kirsty.blackstock@hutton.ac.uk by Weds 14th February 2018.

Please note, the RGS-IBG Conference is due to be held at Cardiff University in Cardiff, from Tuesday 28 to Friday 31 August 2018.

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