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The Visual Representation of Complexity

Jun 7, 2018 | News

CECAN Fellow Joanna Boehnert has recently published a poster associated with her funded fellowship project entitled, “The Visual Representation of Complexity.”

The poster provides a definition, examples, and a simple diagram to visualise a range of complexity concepts.

Sustainability practitioners have long relied on images to display relationships in complex adaptive systems on various scales and across different domains.

These images facilitate communication, learning, collaboration and evaluation as they contribute to shared understanding of systemic processes.

Joanna’s research has addressed the need for images that are widely understood across different fields and sectors for researchers, policy makers, design practitioners, and evaluators with varying degrees of familiarity with the complexity sciences.

Joanna worked with the CECAN team in design workshops to help them clarify and illustrate their definitions of some key characteristics of complex systems.

You can view Joanna’s poster detailing 16 key features of complex systems, here.

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