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FSA – Regulating Our Future

Martha Bicket

The Food Standards Agency and ‘Regulating Our Future’.

The objectives of this case study were to support the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to define a Theory of Change (TOC) for Regulating our Future (ROF) and the know-how to update and use the TOC over time for continuous evaluation (‘socialising’ the TOC).

Through the case study, CECAN carried out a literature review of TOCs for regulation, delivered workshops with the FSA and produced a 5-page draft TOC (including high-level TOC, transition points and key outcomes).

Through the workshops FSA participants felt they had achieved closer alignment on design and delivery of ROF and identified key challenges to address, e.g. the evolving nature of regulatory system and how to build in the ability to respond to dynamic elements.  The workshop outputs fed into business case development for the ROF programme.

Please click here to view our briefing note on this case study: EPPN 15 Using complexity and theory of change to transform regulation: a complex theory of change for the Food Standards Agency’s ‘Regulating Our Future’ programme.

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