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CECAN Conference Papers

CECAN Workshop: Handling Complexity in Policy Evaluation: Introducing the Magenta Book 2020 Supplementary Guide on Complexity (3 March 2020, London)

Presentations from the workshop:

Why we need a new edition of the Magenta Book and a Supplementary Guide on Handling Complexity in Policy Evaluation (Steven Finch, Head of Evaluation, Department for Transport)

An Introduction to the Magenta Book Supplementary Guide (Martha BicketAlex Penn and Ian Christie, CECAN)

Commissioning and Management of Complex Evaluation (Dione Hills, The Tavistock Institute)

Selecting Complexity-Appropriate Evaluation Approaches (Helen Wilkinson, Risk Solutions)

CECAN Workshop: Commissioning Complex Evaluations (29 April 2019, London)

Presentations from the workshop:

What’s stopping us? Commissioner and contractor perspectives on complexity approaches in evaluation:

The contractors’ perspective: how to make things better:

Experiences scoring and assessing complex evaluations:

CECAN Annual Conference 2018 – Policy Evaluation for a Complex World


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